Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everything coming together.

It's exciting as it is slowly getting close to the end of the year as much as it is nerve-racking.
Been trying to draw a cover for my thesis all day but it is one of those blah days. Thankfully there's this amazing thing called photoshop! Yay. So I am just drawing the rest on here and inking tomorrow.
I am also my own model as you can see in the back. Also Pascha, the wooden head. I am going to hate giving him back at the end of the year.

Business cards! My very own! I'm all professional now. Also the same mouse from the top of my blog. He's just going to be my little buddy for this year's promos. He's cool. World War 1 mouse.

Other than thesis, I have been drawing Fanart of Good Omens and if you haven't read this, I suggest you do. It is the story that kept me calm in my junior year.
I am hoping to ink them at one point and color but I am still trying to figure out what to do with them.

I'm tired.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thesis Progress.

Since I haven't been working on Illustration Friday drawings like I wanted to, I decided to show off a bit of how some of my thesis is coming along and showing one of the inks of a the drawing I showed in an earlier post.
All inked and fixed a bit in Photoshop. I should hopefully have it painted tomorrow along with at least two others.
I little screenshot of a makeshift spread I am trying to work at. There seems to be something a miss and I can't remember what that may be.

And since I am showing you that page anyway, here's a little sketch for it I am proud of:
I'm not sure if my idea I have is going to work but I thought I'd at least show it off because I do like the pencil lines.

I need to make sure I have two spreads in context by Wednesday next week so those come first. Good thing I don't have classes tomorrow.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Not before your brother.

Because someone did ask about what my thesis is about.
It's the Grimm Fairytale "The Juniper Tree." I'm drawing different parts from it. I would like to create a book at the end but that might be too much for me to get done.

This is something from my thesis. I wish I could show you the inking I finished today of it but scanners have a habit of not working in my parents' household. Ah well.
I just love drawing little girls' clothes!

Also a little fanart of Adventure Time! The Flame Princess is my favorite character.
Just the lineart. I'm thinking of playing with thicker lines but I never tried that in photoshop so it should be a nice experiment. I plan on coloring it later, probably after I draw a few more things for thesis.