Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thesis set up.

Oh wow. Blogger changed everything hasn't it? Oh dear.

So I haven't been able to update blogger for one big reason.
Bam! Thesis wall.
Two more prints than I was originally planning too. And there's even more spreads in the little booklet, not the whole story but quite a chunk from it. The story would have been 35ish pages if I got it all done but I only had 3 months for all this because I changed my thesis halfway through the year, but this is more than I thought I would have. I just needed 4 up, I got 6 up and about 3 more spreads in the book with a few extra paintings.
And a little Juniper Bonsai tree:
I have dubbed him Crowley for silly reasons. He is one out of 8 and of 2 that survived through winter of my dad's set. The poor thing but I have been taking care of him. 
He's a very good plant.

One more detail shot of the prints together.
It's quite scary right now. I wrote this before the show even opened Wednesday night but thought it would better to show off the next day. I'll add anything needed when this goes up in case anything exciting happens.

Once school is over and I gave in my last essay, everything will clam down and the real world begins. I'll be working some comics and illustrations I have been wanting to work on for months now. My etsy shop will have more things to sell and things will be moving.

Thank you for reading and wait for more to come~!