Friday, January 23, 2015

Cats and Mice and Bats oh my

I have been drawing a lot of cats lately.
I only have one to show but cats were a thing for a few weeks.

Although you can't see it all that well, the gold was done in a gold marker and it's pretty shiny. I couldn't get a picture to show it off but trust me it's shiny and it's awesome.

Also a bat in puffy pants!

Also a presketch cause I like it:

Poor bats, wearing clothes is very hard for you little dudes.


Monday, January 19, 2015

The year of children's books

Starting next month, I have things planned to work on stories! Last year was comics and this year is Children's stories which will hopefully end in at least the Halloween story I will have up on Halloween! Yay! But between then and now, lots of the little things!

Character studies, portfolio updates, maybe even some test pages!
Should be a lot of fun this year!

I will posting a lot of before sketches and studies and all that fun jazz to keep this blog going so it'll probably be updated every other week as this year goes.
I'll probably update links too.

But for the time being has a little character from the first story I am focusing on!
Goliath and the Knight!

I've started using Acrylic Markers lately and those are fun man!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sketch_Dailies theme today was Kumiho! A nine tailed fox who eats hearts (or livers).

Also cause it's silly to me (and I will probably show more of this stuff)
Planning! Really tiny planning.

I'll be back with more news in the next few weeks!