Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Been awhile

I haven't been drawing much "Children book" stuff so I haven't been able to update this in months. I have been updating my art tumblr if you wanna check that out!
And it's just been snowing none stop the last 2 months. It's snowing right now actually. I
am not use to all this snow.

So I have been going back into the story "The Girl in the Drawing." I'm hoping since I made this the year of drawing comics, that there will be a few little things with this story if not the full one planned out. 
Unfinished. But I am still trying to figure out how each character should look. Each character changes slightly for all different reasons.

I've been experimenting with this type of thing using red pencil, markers and inks. It's fun.
I also like to think if this story was switched and the ghosts were little kids again and the kid was the ghost, but I feel like the story wouldn't be for kids anymore. Either way, they would be excited over the fact that their new house is haunted.
I just really like drawing Am and David when they were little kids though. Twinies!

Now here's a WIP of a little painting of a tree interested in the smoke that comes from humans during colder days.

And just because I am rereading some of the Chrestomanci books. Christopher Chant is my favorite characters. I hope when one day that yelling Chrestomanci works, he's the one that comes and I hope he's in one of his most fancy suits.