Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thesis Progress.

Since I haven't been working on Illustration Friday drawings like I wanted to, I decided to show off a bit of how some of my thesis is coming along and showing one of the inks of a the drawing I showed in an earlier post.
All inked and fixed a bit in Photoshop. I should hopefully have it painted tomorrow along with at least two others.
I little screenshot of a makeshift spread I am trying to work at. There seems to be something a miss and I can't remember what that may be.

And since I am showing you that page anyway, here's a little sketch for it I am proud of:
I'm not sure if my idea I have is going to work but I thought I'd at least show it off because I do like the pencil lines.

I need to make sure I have two spreads in context by Wednesday next week so those come first. Good thing I don't have classes tomorrow.


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