Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1920s Lazytown

Can I say I loved Lazytown since it first aired in 2004? Since I was a wee teenage, I decided to watch the first episode the day it aired and fell in love with the characters and songs. Got excited when they came to Sesame Place (worked there for a few years) and wanting it to never end. (so excited for the new stuff)
So years later while watching it, I decided it would be a good thing to see what happens if I put the characters in the 1920s.
So today while watching it, the idea came back and I went with it.

The story goes as follows:
Sportacus is a runaway circus clown from Robbie Rotten's circus. Sportacus got bored and saw some kids trying to inmate him so he decided to help the kids learn to do the tricks themselves. Now he plays an endless game of hide-and-seek from Robbie while teaching the kids circus acts.

Need to get better at drawing Robbie.
Blimp right now it a giant giant, I'll probably draw him smaller if and when I draw him again.

Hope ya enjoyed! 

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