Thursday, November 22, 2012

Goliath and the kid

The other day I had this great crazy dream. It was silly and like most dreams, didn't make much sense once I woke up. Yu-gi-oh card battles, churches showing weird animes, and this little story about a giant taking care of a little kid who actually isn't a little kid but changed into one with magic!
So I'm taking that last idea and making it into something:

Basic drawings of the two based off my dream. The little kid tried to eat the umbrella but when the giant (named him Goliath) tried to take it from him, the kid wouldn't let it go.

The story is a basic one. A knight and Goliath are fighting, one to gain the role as ruler of a small kingdom and the other protecting it. While the fight goes on, a witch is walking by. Annoyed by this display of roughness, she attacks them and although Goliath gets away unharmed, the witch casts a spell on the knight. The spell changes the knight into a small child.
The child confused by what's happening, starts crying as the witch slips away laughing at her work.
Now Goliath needs to figure out what to do with the knight who doesn't even know who he is.

It is a silly tale. And I really just wanted to draw a little kid who wears shirts too big for him and wants to eat everything:


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